This Food Truck Will Give You A Bigger Waffle Depending On How Fast You Can Find One Photo In Your Phone

Ready, set, go!

If your waffle depended on it, how fast could you complete a scavenger hunt through your smart phone photos?

In a video for Google Photos, Google challenged people on the streets of New York City to find a photo, pertaining to a particular search category, from their personal photo collection. If they found the picture, say one with "flowers" or of a "dog" in under twenty seconds, they got a free, large waffle.

Sounds like a sweet deal, huh?


Challenge accepted.

"The company touts its Google Photos app as an easier way for people to save and search for photos," Tech Times' Menchie Mendoza writes. "With the app's Visual Search feature, users can easily find a stored image by searching for the various subjects that are included in the shot — such as people, things, and places."

And when it means a small or a large waffle, it's got to work.

And does it?

Watch the full video below to watch people race for their waffles:

The #PayWithAPhoto challenge will also be in Los Angeles, Portland, and Austin, according to the video.

(H/T: Creativity-Online)


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