7 Handy Google Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed

You'll want to bookmark this page once you learn what Google can do.

It's hard to remember the days before Google. But, now that the brand itself has evolved into its own verb, there are countless Google hacks out there that make the popular search engine even more efficient than ever. Yet, while there are plenty of useful Google hacks that make even the most mundane tasks easier and more interesting, there's also an array of fun Google hacks that, while seemingly frivolous, offer hours of mindless entertainment. Unfortunately, however, many people don't even know these Google hacks for a simpler life exist. Here are just seven of the best Google hacks for everyday life that will leave you wishing you knew about these tricks sooner:


1. Find out how busy your favorite restaurant will be on Friday night.

Hate crowds? With the cool Google Hack  "Popular Times" feature, you can find out when your favorite restaurants and stores are at their busiest so you can plan your outing accordingly.

2. Use an asterisk when you can't remember the correct word.

This secret Google Hack goes out to all those who can't remember that one word from the chorus to their favorite song. When searching for lyrics, headlines, or quotes, use an asterisk in place of those words you can't recall and Google will fill in the blank for you.

3. Make important decisions even if you don't have loose change.

Can't decide what to eat or where to go? Allow Google to help you make some of life's biggest decisions by simply searching "flip a coin" or "roll a die" and following the on-screen prompts.

4. Search for old newspaper articles that were never published online.

Because the Web's relatively new, there are countless articles that were never posted online. If you want to sift through old newspapers, head to Google's archive to sort through scanned copies and search specific topics.

5. Play a game (without downloading an app) when you've got free time.

Need to kill time? Google just so happens to be chock-full of hidden games that don't require any separate app downloads. Search "solitaire" or "tic-tac-toe" when you need to take a short break.

6. Try out new recipes by feeding Google the ingredients you have.

For those who like to go crazy in the kitchen, simply start by inputting a simple starter recipe. Google will then suggest multiple ways to take your dish to the next level, all while allowing you to specify the ingredients you have lying around.

7. Discover upcoming events by searching for local functions in your city.

In the mood to have some fun, but not sure what's happening nearby? From music events to art festivals, simply search for the type of event you're looking for, plus the specific city, and Google will act as your surrogate event planner. 

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