Google Just Nailed The Importance Of Gender Transitioning In One Heartfelt Ad

Happy Pride Month.

An estimated 700,000 people in the United States, that are known, are considered transgender, according to LiveScience. Still, those who want to transition to the gender they feel most comfortable face an upward battle. Not only are transgender individuals the target of most LGBT-related hate crimes, transitioning is expensive. In other words, it's costly and dangerous to be the person you know you are. 

Though Caitlyn Jenner has brought this conversation to light the last few months, this Pride Month, Google decided to step up as one of the first companies openly supporting those who are transgender. Even if it's supporting its own business through the ad, it beautifully and accurately depicts how it feels to transition genders — and the positivity that can come with it if you're lucky enough to be surrounded by those who know what you're going through. 

That's where Jake comes in. The ad first focuses on his life living as a transgender male and the path he took to get to that point. He grew up as a female, but always felt like a male. He wanted to take off his shirt and show off his muscles.


'Knowing that that was never going to happen, I couldn't actually be happy,' he says.

But when he found out about transitioning, that all changed.

Soon after, he joined City Gym, which has a community of transgender people who work out there. We meet Hailee Bland Walsh, who owns the gym in Kansas City, Mo. She believes her gym "should be more than a place to workout. It should be a place to belong."

'These guys are physically getting stronger, but the real change is what's happening inside,' she says.

Even though the core of this video is Google promoting its Google My Business feature, which prominently features businesses' information in the search engine, it's stepped up to the plate in a big way when it comes to being vocal about LBGT and transgender issues. 

And that's what really matters.

Check out the full ad below to get the whole story:


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