8 Good Things To Do On The Internet To Make A Positive Difference In The World

You probably already do #7.

The power of the Internet is often overlooked. While it's easy to be fooled by the Internet, it also has the power to connect us. With a simple Google search, we can instantly reach people across the world in seconds. Imagine if we used this limitless tool to create positive change. Sometimes the thought of making a huge difference can seem overwhelming — even finding things to do on the Internet can be exhausting . After all, you are just one person and the Internet is vast. Luckily, there are already lots of easily accessible groups, organizations, and websites working to make the world a better place. Getting involved is easy, you just have to know where to look.  

Just like finding fun things to do on the Internet, the search for good things to do online requires a little investigative skill. You can start by following social media accounts that effect goodwill.  You can also search for things to do on the Internet when bored — you'd be surprised at how many cool and productive things come up. 

Finding out what to do on the Internet besides Facebook and memes just takes the right intention, whether you're looking for an app that creates good social change, or a positive website that calls for action. To help you find good things to do on the Internet, we've rounded up 8 online resources and ideas that will give you the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world with just a click of a button. 


1. Support positive social media campaigns and participate using hashtags.

One of the simplest, yet effective, methods to create change is using your voice  Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,  we are able to sound-off on important causes and issues to the masses. Many organizations use hashtags to promote their campaigns, allowing followers to participate in spreading their message in their own way. For example, the Kering Foundation currently has the #ICouldHaveBeen campaign that brings awareness to global violence against women and girls. 

2. Foster an animal.

There are so many animals that need to be rescued, and not enough people who know how to help. One of the best things to do online is research. There are many organizations and animal shelters that offer thorough information on how to adopt or foster animals who need a loving home. For example, Best Friends is a New York-based foster program that allows you to register as a volunteer and sign-up as a foster parent.

3. Take action in the best way that suits you.

Sometimes the question isn't really "what" but "how." Unfortunately, we aren't always able to take as much action as we'd like. Website DoSomething.org can help you discover unique ways to take action in the best way that fits your lifestyle. Ideas are filtered by your capabilities, interests, and how much time you're willing to dedicate to a cause. 

4. Find volunteer opportunities.

You can find love online. You can find a job online. So there's no surprise that you can  find volunteer opportunities online too. Volunteer Match is an organization that matches people to thousands of volunteer opportunities — both virtual and in-person.

5. Donate to a cause dear to you.

If you have a cause dear to your heart but don't know which relevant organization to support, check out GlobalGiving.org. The website features  trusted non-profit organizations around the world and offers donors frequent updates on their favorite projects. 

6. Donate to a person in need.

You can also help individuals in need by visiting crowdfunding websites like Gofundme. Sometimes helping just one person can make a huge impact on the world. Through crowdfunding, you can help a hurricane survivor rebuild their home, a struggling college student pay for tuition, or help someone cover steep medical costs. 

7. Engage in a positive social media hashtag.

Social change doesn't just come from money, it can also be done with just love. Thanks to social media, so many people have the space to redefine beauty for themselves. Engaging in uplifting movements like hashtags concerning body-positivity, mental health, and diversity can help push a major social shift in a more loving direction.  Even if you don't identity with the subject of a positive hashtag, you can always retweet or repost to show support.

8. Download an app that does social good.

These days, there are innumerous clever and creative apps on the market. Some of them can even help make a difference in the world. One app called Be My Eyes, for example, connects people who are blind or visually impaired to volunteers who can assist them with things like reading labels or navigating new surroundings. There's also another app called Copia that collects excess food from users (think Thanksgiving leftovers) and delivers it to people in need. 

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