13 People Reveal Good Habits They Started Doing As Kids And Continue To Do As Adults

It's routine.

Research shows that it takes 21 days to form a habit. That might seem like a long time, but once you get into the routine of doing something, it can carry on for years. This is evident in a recent thread on the AskReddit subreddit when someone asked what habits people started as children that have continued now that they are adults.


We're focusing on all of the positive habits, which show that once you start doing something, it can become ingrained in you, to the benefit of yourself and those around you.

Take a look at 13 Redditors' responses of good habits they started doing as kids and continue to do today.

1. The Redditor who always makes their bed.

2. The person who lends a hand to strangers.

3. The person who tries to do their share for the environment.

4. The person who saves all of their paperwork.

5. The Redditor who developed a good oral care regimen.

6. The person who started saving early.

7. The person who got in the habit of moving.

8. The person who thanks their hosts.

9. The person who uses "please" and "thank you."

10. The Redditor who ensures it's safe to cross the street.

11. The person who has grasped small talk.

12. The person who formally addresses people.

13. The person who always fastens their seat belt.

Cover image: Dragon Images / Shutterstock.com


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