Powerful New Ad Gives Girls Alternative To The 'Pink Aisle'

It looks so fun. Can adults do this too, please?

This Easter, a toy company highlights some of the reasons more choices for girls are so important.


Debbie Sterling is a Stanford engineer. She noticed there weren't many toy options for girls beyond the "pink aisle" of kids' stores. 

She responded to this need by creating GoldieBlox, an interactive book series and construction set. It stars a kid inventor named Goldie who loves to build things.

According to the GoldieBlox team, the toy company "is out to show the world that girls deserve more choices than dolls and princesses. We believe that femininity is strong and girls will build the future — literally."

So they released a video breaking the effects of the pink aisle down.

"This is your brain."

"This is your brain on princess."

It doesn't look pretty.

Maybe skip the princess aisle now and then.

And give a girl a toy that involves math or science.

It could impact their future.

Girls like building stuff too, but only 13 percent of engineers are female.

"Girls are more than just princesses. They are our greatest resource."

"Why stay on a conveyor belt when you can build your own Ferris wheel, after all?"

It's pretty fun watching the princess head fall off the conveyer belt. Check it out yourself in the video below.

Let little girls know they can be just as good at math and science. 


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