Little Girls Destroy The Idea That 'Beauty Is Perfection' In New GoldieBlox Ad

Because girls are so much more than that.

Oakland-based toy company GoldieBlox is out to change the world one toy at a time. 

The startup, founded by Debbie Sterling, works to introduce toys that cater to young girls' engineering interests, rather than their dreams of becoming a pretty, pretty princess. 

In the newest ad by GoldieBlox, girls are bombarded with the message "beauty is perfection" by Big Sister and a machine mass producing fashion dolls. 

But it's not long before the girls break out of line to smash the machine's dolls, and reveal GoldieBlox's new 2014 action figure for girls. 


Though the idea of "Big Sister" seems a bit reminiscent of an Orwellian "1984," it is actually representative of a sad reality for women. 

Fashion dolls are sold to little girls every three seconds, and these dolls come with some very harmful, unadvertised, accessories -- accessories that come in the shape of subliminal messages telling girls to value beauty over their brain. 

In effect, girls who play with fashion dolls see fewer career options for themselves than boys

But GoldieBlox is working to break the mold with toys that encourage building and problem-solving. 

"Girls' feet are made for high-tops, not high heels," it says in the video description. "It's time for change." 

H/T Time 


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