Goldie Hawn Wants Moms To 'Focus On The Joy Of Being Able To Do This At All'

"... I've made mistakes. We all do, we all will."

Goldie Hawn might be one of Hollywood's greatest comedic icons to date, but the mother-of-three recently got serious about the ups and downs of parenthood while promoting her collaboration with activewear company Fabletics

Hawn partnered with her daughter, actress Kate Hudson, who recently welcomed her third child — Hawn's sixth grandchild — Rani Rose. With the thoughts of this new baby on her brain, Hawn offered both her daughter and other new mothers advice on how best to approach this fleeting, life-altering time.

"We do the best we can as mothers," Hawn told PEOPLE magazine's Sharon Kanter. "Certainly, as a mother, I've made mistakes. We all do, we all will. But the most important thing is to stay authentic and true to yourself and hope that you show by example, not by what you say but by what you do."

"We hope our children will amplify the best part of us," Hawn added, noting that she and Hudson are very similar in their approach to parenthood, as both women share the same optimistic, cheerful view. "I'm proud of my daughter. She has become a spokesperson herself for children's wellness, for happiness, all the things that she grew up with."

Hawn, whose new Fabletics capsule collection will donate 50 percent of its net proceeds to MindUP, a program within the Goldie Hawn Foundation that teaches children compassion and kindness, also explained that, while being a role model was never her main intention, she eventually become one by living by her own standards.


"There's no perception that I feel that I have to live up to anything. I only have to be true to myself," Hawn said. "That is what I go by. I'm not conscious of going, 'I need to be a role model.' Heck no. I am my own role model. I live by my own ethics and my own standards and my own sense of love. That's who I am. I think every one of my children, I can say wholeheartedly, has this wonderful attribute."

And now that Hudson has welcomed her first daughter, Hawn couldn't help but marvel at the privilege of being a woman who gets to bring new life into this world. "It's unbelievable," she said. "[A baby] changes everything."

"We're so lucky to be girls because we carry the baby. It's amazing," she added. "You got this life, it's growing inside you, and then you give it out to the world. We like to say, 'Oh, this is mine.' That's fine, but it's really one of the things that we help nurture. It just gives you so much happiness. I mean, it's crazy."

Beyond the miracle of biology, however, Hawn advises parents to truly enjoy this time with their newborn child, for each stage will be brief, but momentous in its own right.

"Each stage brings you a different kind of happiness, so focus on that," Hawn said. "Because sometimes they'll drive you crazy. But just focus on the joy of being able to do this at all."

Cover image via Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock


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