Flash Tattoos Are This Summer's Hottest Beauty Trend And They're Fabulous

BRB, covering ourselves in gold.

If you think temporary tattoos are too '90s, think again. Because it seems like these funky stickers are making a comeback.


Women all over the world are donning these beautiful jewelry-inspired temporary designs, otherwise known as flash tattoos.

They range from tiny statement pieces...

... to bold and shiny emblems that will not go unnoticed.

The best part? These metallic tats look fabulous on every part of your body. From head...

... to toe.

Queen Bey has fallen in love with the tattoos as well.

Most last up to six days and are waterproof, so you can sport them on the beach without worrying they will instantly rub off.

Flash Tattoos, the brand that says they launched the trend, advises people to wear the tattoos in places without much body hair. Hair prevents the adhesive from sticking on the skin properly.

Aren't they gorgeous?

(H/T: Elite Daily)

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