You Probably Didn't Think A Ring Eaten By The Garbage Disposal Could Be Saved. Well, Think Again

Here's why you need to know a good jeweler.

Ever drop your wedding band or another piece of jewelry into the garbage disposal?


You might not even feel it slip off, especially if your hands are wet and soapy.

The fraction of a second between when you realize that it's not where it's supposed to be and you hear the awful grinding noises coming out of your sink is one of the worst in the world.

Imgur user jmman posted these pictures of a ring that had suffered that very fate. A man lost his 14 karat gold and diamond wedding band to the garbage disposal and it was, as you can see, in pretty bad shape. And by bad shape, we mean basically scrap metal.

Some people might've just written it off as irreparable, but the ring had more than a little bit of sentimental value.

Luckily, jmman knew exactly what to do.

First, he began reshaping it.

He needed to be able to fit the ring onto a mandrel so it could actually start looking like a ring again, so he opened it up with a simple pair of pliers.

Then he slid it onto the mandrel.

You've probably seen these at jewelry shops. They're not just for sizing.

He began to work with a goldsmith's hammer.

The ring slowly began to take shape. Gold is an extremely malleable metal that can be shaped with relative ease.

Look! It's round again!

Jmman finally got the ring looking like something you could actually wear. As you can see, however, the ring still had plenty of dents and chips where the teeth of the disposal's gears bit in.

He used a ring file to remove the minor dings.

He was careful to only file out surface dents and blemishes.

The ring was looking much improved.

The edges are nearly restored here: no sharpness around the rim. At this point, it could probably be worn and explained as a garbage disposal war story.

But he wasn't done just yet.

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the ring's weight, he filled in the deeper gouges with 14 karat gold, using a small torch to add the metal.

Two of the diamonds in the center were crushed in the disposal.

As you can see here, the two center diamonds were crushed in the disposal. Although diamonds are very hard, they are also very brittle. You can shatter a diamond with a hammer. You see how the two middle ones are gray and discolored? That's because they're smashed to the point of having of their clarity reduced to worthlessness.

He removed the two diamond casualties.

Then he replaced them with new stones that matched the color and clarity of the old ones. The goal here was to make the ring look as good as new.

Once that was done, he began the finishing process.

This polishing wheel was used to smooth out the edges.

Lastly, he gave it a final buffing to restore its polished finish.

A little jeweler's rouge and a buffing wheel and...

Job done!

Looks fantastic, doesn't it?

Such amazing work. We bet the ring's owner was beyond thrilled.

Source: imgur.

We wish we knew his Facebook page or something so you'd have someone to contact if your jewelry meets a similar fate, so jmman, if you see this... get in touch. We'd love to see more of your rescue work.

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