A Bunch Of Dogs Laugh, Then Get A Major Reality Check

Laughing dogs get a reality check.

In anticipation of this weekend's big game, Internet domain company GoDaddy posted their puppy-centric Super Bowl ad on their YouTube channel.


Apparently originally intended as of a tongue-in-cheek parody of another ad, GoDaddy's new ending played the unethical, online sale of a puppy for laughs. Animal lovers weren't pleased.

And while we know that no one would knowingly support cruel puppy mills funded by online (and in-store) sales —the people who run the the mills are just mean — keeping people in the dark is how they stay in business.

Puppy mills trick good folks into buying their dogs by selling them online and to pet stores. So outsmart them. Don't get your furry friends that way.  

All these Super Bowl puppy ads got you wanting a buddy? There's about 3.9 million of them in shelters every year, but only about 1.4 million are adopted. You can add to that number by adopting from your local shelter or from a rescue group. (Some rescues focus on certain breeds, although they say mutts make the best dogs.) 

GoDaddy has since pulled their ad from the Super Bowl lineup, and has posted an acknowledgement of the criticism on their website.

So here's a video from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals that we think would be a much better fit for the Super Bowl schedule. Share it with your friends so they won't be fooled by puppy mills.

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