Russian Beautician's Fascinating Makeovers Push The Limits Of Makeup Artistry

What kind of sorcery is this?

When looking at Russian makeup artist Goar Avetisyan's Instagram photos and videos, there's only one logical conclusion we can make — this girl is buying her beauty products from Diagon Alley.

Because to us mere mortals with weak eyeliner and contouring skills, Avetisyan's creations don't seem possible without charms, spells, or magic potions.

Don't believe us? Just look at this:


On her Instagram account, Avetisyan shares photos and videos of clients undergoing dramatic transformations thanks to her flawless makeup skills:

In short snippets, Avetisyan captures how stunningly different people's faces can look thanks to professionally applied makeup.

She showcases everything from fresh, daily beauty tricks to spectacular occasion makeup.

While we think your natural face is beautiful no matter what, there's no need to shame women for their use of makeup. Work like Avetisyan's shows makeup can be an empowering tool to make people feel like the best version of themselves on any day.

We all deserve to feel beautiful and the ways we achieve that is nobody else's business but ours!

Scroll down to see more of Avetisyan's makeovers and share your opinion with us:


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