After 17 Years, She Was Able To Treat Her Grandma To Some Self-Care And A Makeover

"The most beautiful and kind grandma in the world."

A simple makeover can sometimes have a major effect on a person's confidence. 

Russian hair and makeup artist Goar Avetisyan's saw this firsthand when she gave her own grandmother, Shurraaa, a makeover for the first time. 

Avetisyan explains in a viral Instagram post that her family has been trying to convince their grandma Shuraaa to go to the salon for 17 years. However, Shuraaa would cancel each time.


Avetisyan has now been working as a hair and makeup artist for nine years and she was finally able to convince her grandma to indulge in some self-care.

Before the makeover, Shuraaa isn't wearing any makeup and she has her long hair tied back in a braid. 

Avetisyan styles her grandma's hair in long waves and enhances her eyes with mascara and eyeshadow. She also adds a little color to her face with pink lipstick and peach blush.

After the makeover, Avetisyan posted a before-and-after photo online of the makeover. She wrote, "Beloved, the most beautiful and kind grandma in the world."

The photos of the makeover are going viral for the apparent effect it's had on Shuraaa's confidence.

The video shows Shuraaa radiating joy after her makeover as she blows kisses at the camera and tenderly kisses her granddaughter.

(H/T: Popsugar)


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