Drone Flying Over Burning Man Drops GoPro Right Into The Heart Of The Madness


Each year, thousands flock to Nevada to partake in a celebration of art, inclusivity, love and community in the scorching desert sun.

Burning Man's fame is such that it has loyal devotees who return each year and the images that come out from the weeklong festivities are quite simply insane. The photos may give you some serious FOMO, but how about a video to actually put you in the heart of the beautiful madness?


A GoPro attached to a drone flying over Burning Man recorded the scene from up above — until it fell from the sky.

But where it landed might have made it the most serendipitous of accidents, because the camera ended up right in the heart of a Burning Man dance party.

One guy picked it up and transported the camera to another world.

Doesn't this look like something else?

Really, how incredible is this chaos?

Watch the full video here:


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