They're Sending A Letter To The Next President Advocating For LGBTQ Youth. Here’s How You Can Help.

"We write you today to ask, 'How will you be an ally to LGBTQ students if elected President?'"

This week, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump’s postmen are gonna need bigger bags if GLSEN, a national organization advocating for LGBTQ youth, has anything to say about it


The organization wants at least 10,000 LGBTQ individuals and allies to add their voices to this all-important message

Coinciding with Ally Week, a "national dialogue about being better allies to LGBTQ young people," and the first Presidential Debate on September 26, GLSEN (pronounced "glisten") hopes to gain as many supporters as possible. Two just happen to be at the top of their list.

The letter begins with a question that probably won’t make it to the debate stage, but absolutely should: “How will you be an ally to LGBTQ students if elected President?”

While GLSEN acknowledges and appreciates all the recent progress that has been made in US schools, it also notes how much work still needs to be done. According to the organization, 85 percent of LGBT students have been verbally harassed in school and 56 percent have experienced discriminatory school policies and practices. 

Unfortunately, many of those directly affected by the next president's education policies — and need their allegiance most — are too young to vote. That's exactly why they need others, all 10,000 of them, to advocate for more comprehensive LGBTQ-friendly initiatives. 

If the next president doesn’t know where to start with these initiatives, GLSEN is more than happy to help.

The letter details "research-based solutions" and concrete plans of action they hope each candidate will take into consideration when setting Department of Education policy, including supportive educators, LGBTQ-Inclusive curriculum, non-discrimination policies, and GSAs and other leadership opportunities. 

GLSEN ends their letter with a call on each candidate to "come out in support of these solutions publicly during tonight's Presidential Debate." 

You can, too. Allies can show their support for LGBTQ youth by signing the letter on GLSEN's website. They can also learn about more small, everyday ways to be an effective ally through GLSEN's Ally Week materials


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