Every Kid Should Hear This Advice For Handling Hate And Staying Confident

"Your value is so much more than just what other people think of you."

"Were you teased about anything when you were younger and how did you handle it?" one little girl asks.

The girl, speaking in a video for Glamour, is part of the publication's latest series featuring a conversation between kids and female role models such as Iskra Lawrence, Ashley Graham, GloZell, and Ariel Winter. In this episode, the women offer their best advice on dealing with haters and finding self-confidence.

"I was teased about being tall," GloZell says. "But it worked out by the time I wanted to be a cheerleader because I could hold everybody up."

And when asked about staying confident in school, Lawrence says, "Staying confident is a daily thing that you have to work on ... because your value is so much more than just what other people think of you, or the way they look at you ... "


" ... So when you know that you are strong, you are powerful. Because you're you, and no one else can ever be you. You're really cool. And you're really, really special."

For more advice, check out the full video below:


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