You'll Want To Read These Books In The Dark. Why? Take A Look To Find Out.

A touch of magic.

Hungarian design student Kincső Nagy might not be a wizard, but what she did with these Harry Potter books is straight up magic.


For her bachelor's degree project, Nagy redesigned all seven of J. K. Rowling's bestsellers. But the fun begins only when you turn off the light.

All of the laser-cut covers actually glow in the dark! The surreal effect is made possible by the phosphorescent grains in the white spray paint she used for the project, Kincső told BuzzFeed.

"These books are on the border of childhood, therefore my goal was to redesign them with illustrations that reflect this extraordinary atmosphere," Nagy explained on her Behance portfolio.

The designer has also created interactive pop-up illustrations for 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.'

The illustrations were made first with stencils. She then scanned and colored them in Photoshop.

Each of these detailed drawings add a lot to the story and make the reading experience even more engaging.

To see more creative work by this young talented woman, visit Nagy's Behance page.

(H/T: MashableBuzzFeed)

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