Boys Were Given The Same Restrictions Millions Of Girls Still Face Around The World. Their Reaction Was On Point.


Every kid has hopes and dreams for the future. Be it becoming a professional football player or flying a plane one day. 

Now imagine if as a child you were told that you could not achieve any of them. Simply because of your gender.

Global Citizen, an organization fighting poverty and inequality around the world, decided to test things out. 

bunch of boys from a kindergarten class in Brooklyn, New York, were asked about their dreams. They then were given the same restrictions that millions of girls still face around the world today.

"What if I told you that only your sister was allowed to play football and learn math and become the president?" the man behind the camera asks one of the kids in the video.

Wait... what?! These kids are simply not having it.


Each and every reaction captured in the video is perfect. 

"Around the world, girls are forbidden to do things many children take for granted," the video explains. "These boys do not accept this, and neither should you."

Watch kids react below.

"Because no child should be told they can't."

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