These Best Friends Had A Photo Shoot To Celebrate Their Differences And Spread Love

"Take chances in getting to know others, move past your perceptions ..."

How many times have you made assumptions about someone based on their appearance? How many friendships do you think you've missed out on because of those assumptions? 

These unfair judgements can keep us from incredible friendships and positive life experiences. 

To help bring attention to this, body positive fashion blogger Glitter, who blogs at Glitter + Lazers, and her best friend Nikki, decided to have a photoshoot. To highlight their different outward appearances, both chose to pose in the same bralette and underwear. The images shared on Instagram help spread a message about body positivity and show that differences shouldn't keep you from pursuing friendship with people. 

"This is my best friend," Glitter captioned one of the photos on Instagram. "She wears the smallest size in this bralette set and I wear almost the largest. We are very very very different. And people often only see our differences. But all I can see when we're together is how similar we are. We both love to dance. We both love to make up elaborate backstories to tell drunken strangers. We both love to play dress up. We both love animals and treat them like people. We both have to keep a weird diet to make sure our bodies feel their best."


"It makes me sad how many amazing women miss out on knowing each other because they let something so simple as physical appearance cloud who they think a person is.”

Glitter went on to say that while her and Nikki may not look or always think alike, she is thankful for her friendship. She's glad they were both able to see past their differences and create a strong bond. 

"Take chances in getting to know others, move past your perceptions, and I promise you will be rewarded with some amazing friendships you never thought possible," she wrote. 

"The idea that one can not completely support someone they don't share the same struggle with has presented itself to me these last few days. People tearing each other down because they are bouldering for the position of who has it worst," Nikki wrote on her own Instagram post from the photoshoot. "I may not have the same struggles as you, heck there's people out there that have struggles I've never even heard of before. But my heart is willing and able to love people through their struggles. Offer emotional support however I can. The world would be such a better place if we could all just love each other through all of our ups and downs and celebrate our differences."

Showing beauty in body diversity helps to spread self-love and confidence, but we love that their message focuses on differences in general. People may have different body types, beliefs, or religions than you, but that doesn't mean that the two of you couldn't have a beautiful, fulfilling friendship. 

(H/T: HelloGiggles


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