5-Year-Old Has The Perfect 'Glamping' Party Thanks To A Little Help From Her Mom's Friend

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Regardless of whether a kid wants a CVS, Drake, or a local personal injury lawyer-themed birthday party, some parents love to go all out to celebrate their kid's birthday. Shenea Richie is certainly no exception. She wanted her daughter Makenzie's fifth birthday to be a party she'd remember. 

The Lancaster, New York mother was trying to figure out the perfect theme when she gave her friend, Theresa Thomas, a call. 

Thomas, who works as a phone provisions specialist during the day and manages a cake baking business at night, had launched a new themed-sleepover business just a few days prior. 

After their phone call, Richie and Makenzie became her first client. They decided Makenzie's birthday theme would be "glamping," a term short for glamorous camping that's a much chicer alternative for not-so-outdoorsy types


Thomas, who is a mother of eight, worked with her husband to create most of the props for the party. They designed invitations for "Camp Kenzie," which would be hosted by her mother "Camp Counselor Shenea," camp themed decorations, and pretty pink tents. Thomas also basked a shimmery gold tent shaped cake for the occasion. 

Instead of camping outside, pint-sized tents were set up in Richie's home. Each girl entered her tent to find a pair of fuzzy slippers, a personalized T-shirt, and comfy leggings to change into. They also got an eye mask with their names on it, a dreamcatcher, coloring book, and flashlight. 

The girls were entertained with movies, crafts, and s'mores. Their goody bags were filled with camping essentials, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, wash clothes, bubbles, and candy. 

Thomas posted photos of the party on her brand new business's Facebook page, and they were shared by over 75 people and received just as many comments. She's been able to quickly grow her following on social media and book parties because of how impressed people are with her work on Mackenzie's fifth birthday party. 

It's easy to see why. The result was so Pinterest-worthy, we're ready to throw one ourselves. 

"We were very fortunate to be able to reach such a huge crowd in such a short time," Thomas wrote on her website. "These six young ladies put us on the map and for that we are forever thankful!" 

Check out more images from the party below.

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