Her Hilarious Polish Dad Has All The Best Relationship Advice

"Do you believe in sex on the first date?"

In a video for "Glamour Magazine," Alexandra Fiber says she's used to taking relationship advice from her best friends — but it hasn't been working out so well.

To put it blatantly, "I can't trust them for sh*t," Fiber writes on Glamour.com. "Hear me out. The truth is, in love and romance, my friends and I generally have no idea what we're doing. Not that we'd ever admit it."

We hear ya.


So, in an effort to get a new perspective on dating, Fiber decided to talk to her 74-year-old Polish dad, Frederick.

Right off the bat, Fiber asks: "Dad, do you believe in sex on the first date?"

Next up: "What do you think the best way to handle a crush is?"

Then: "What do you think my dating mantra should be?"

Fiber proceeds to ask him about sexting, pick-up lines, booty calling, and celebrity boyfriends.

Be sure to watch the full video below:

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