People Of All Ages Share Their Celebrity Look-Alikes, And Some Of Them Are Spot-On

Can you see it?

Have you ever been told you look like a particular celebrity? Is there a celebrity you think you look like? Glamour magazine recently asked this of people ranging in age from 5 to 75, and they gave some spot-on answers.

The magazine has previously asked the same people to name women they admire and share their favorite songs growing up. This time, things got a little more superficial as people named the famous faces that resemble their own. The video starts off with a particularly adorable response, as a 5-year-old girl decides, "I look like my parents." 

Some people have no idea who they look like ("Some old guy, I don't know"), or they know who they would want to look like ("Wishful thinking"). Others sound doubtful about their supposed doppelgangers. "Some people say I look like John Legend," says a 31-year-old. "I would love to look like John Legend."

And can you look like someone because you wore the same dress? One 8-year-old who dressed like Maddie Ziegler certainly thinks so.

See a few more of our favorite responses below:


1. Keshia Knight Pulliam

2. Sarah Jessica Parker

3. Shirley MacLaine and Helen Mirren

4. Anne Bancroft

5. Henry Winkler

Check out the rest of the responses in the video below:


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