Celebrities Team Up With 'Glamour' To Shatter Stigmas Surrounding Prenatal Loss

"We don't talk about prenatal loss nearly as much as we should."

Miscarriage occurs in one out of four pregnancies, yet it's still sometimes considered a taboo subject that many people don't feel comfortable talking about. 

In an effort to break the silence and let others know they aren't alone, Big Bang Theory actress Melissa Rauch penned an essay for Glamour magazine in July 2017 about miscarriage and her fears of being pregnant again. The feature went viral with many people writing how they were touched by it, and others sharing their own experiences.

The impact of the essay made Rauch realize the importance of speaking out about prenatal loss, so she teamed up with Glamour again for a PSA on the topic.


Fourteen other celebrities got involved to help shatter the stigmas surrounding pregnancy and prenatal loss, and to promote a discussion.

In a recent follow-up post, the actress wrote, "What became abundantly clear from the massive cross section of women out there who have experienced this kind of personal tragedy is the importance of shedding light on this issue that is traditionally stranded in the shadows ... In honor of Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month, I was fortunate enough to gather a group of amazing women who came together to make this video." 

The other famous faces featured in the video are Vanna White, Nancy Kerrigan, Paula Garces, Loni Love, Lennon Parham, June Diane Raphael, Kiele Sanchez, Natalie Stromme, Katie Aselton, Jill Willard, Jackie Seiden, Virginia Williams, Jean Villepique, and Jennifer Chen.

The video begins with Rauch saying, "We don't talk about prenatal loss nearly as much as we should." The other woman then present the facts how miscarriage happens in 25 percent of pregnancies and stillbirth occurs in one out of 160 pregnancies.

The celebrities reveal how they've experienced, one, two, five, and sometimes six miscarriages, and how prenatal loss has impacted their lives. Many reveal how they felt shamed or depressed. That's why Rauch wants women who are going through it now to know that "they did nothing wrong" and they are not alone.

The PSA makes it clear that there is a great sisterhood where women can share stories, rely on each other, and know that it's OK to not be OK.

At the end of the video, the women champion reaching out and talking to someone. They conclude, "It matters. You're brave, you're strong, and I'm holding you in my heart." 

In a post about the launch for the PSA, Rauch explains her hopes for the video. "It's intended to be a visual and verbal letter of comfort to those who have gone through a loss or are experiencing the pain of one currently, while also chipping away at the prevailing silence around the topic."

"I am in tremendous awe of each of the women who joined me in making this video," she continued. "They opened my eyes to the possibilities of what could happen if we lived in a world where this issue was spoken about more freely. My heart is forever changed by the tonic of their voices. These powerful, brave, compassionate, strong, badass ladies represent the millions out there who are a part of this sisterhood. We are not alone. Not for one second."

(H/T: Popsugar)


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