This Love Story Between 'Prince & Knight' Is The First In A Series Of Inclusive Children's Books

"Everyone deserves to be represented."

Look out, Harry and Meghan — there's a new royal romance in town, and it's part of an exciting effort to make children's literature more inclusive. According to The Wrap, GLAAD is teaming up with Bonnier Publishing USA for a series of children's books focused on "integrating and elevating positive LGBTQ representation," under the Little Bee Books imprint.

The first title in the series, Prince & Knight, is a new take on traditional fairy tales, which tells the story of a prince searching for a princess to marry who teams up with a knight to save his kingdom from a dragon. "Together they defeat the dragon, and find love in the process," reads the synopsis. 


School Library Journal called the book, written by Daniel Haack and illustrated by Stevie Lewis, "an illuminating fairy tale for young readers to be able to see that not every prince would like to marry a princess." It's available now in bookstores and online.

The second book in the series, titled Jack (Not Jackie), will tell the story of a girl named Susan coming to accept her younger sibling, who identifies as "Jack" instead of "Jackie." It was written by Erica Silverman and illustrated by Holly Hatam, and will be available in October. GLAAD and Bonnier reportedly intend to publish four titles per year, in various genres, for toddlers up to 14-year-olds.

"GLAAD is committed to advancing positive representation of LGBTQ lives, experiences and stories at every stage of our lives, and books are a natural progression to encourage awareness, kindness, and acceptance at an early age," GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement. 

Shimul Tolia, CEO of Bonnier Publishing USA, added, "We're proud to be partnering with GLAAD … and do our part to make classrooms, bookstores, and even the playground a more inclusive environment."

The newly announced books are not the first titles in recent months to positively represent LGBTQ characters for young readers. Recently, John Oliver's Last Week Tonight debuted a gay love story about Mike Pence's rabbit Marlon Bundo, and donated the proceeds to LGBTQ organizations. Before that, authors Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris published another same-sex fairy tale called Promised Land.

As GLAAD stressed in an Instagram post about the new series, "Everyone deserves to be represented."


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