Report Reveals The Top 10 Most Generous States Of 2017, And Other Trends On Giving

How generous was your state this year?

Many huge events happened in 2017 that shook our world, but thankfully it did not break us as the immense wave of compassion, resistance, and support raged on. People from all over the world have given their time, resources, and money to others in need. On December 7, GoFundMe released its third annual Giving Report to show just how much the world gave in 2017.

The report recognizes several major trends this year, including the methods in which people give, the highest demographic of people who give, and the most popular campaigns.  


1. Individual giving increased.

The report shows individual giving increased by 3.9 percent from 2015 to 2016, making up 73 percent of total giving. Interestingly enough, GoFundMe's community grew to 50 million and raised over $5 billion to date — proving that every single donation, no matter how small, really does count. 

2. More people are using their mobile devices to give.

Thanks to social media, giving has never been more easier to do. According to the report, the share of donors who use mobile devices to give has jumped 80 percent since 2013. 

3. Women are driving philanthropy. 

Women make up 73 percent of donors worldwide and 59 percent of women prefer to give online. In 2017, the top five causes mostly donated to by women involved children and youth, animals, religious services and faith, human services, and women and girls. The report also shows women are most inspired to donate by social media, fundraising events, email, websites, and print. Additionally, the report acknowledges that particularly young millennial women drive giving. When women help make giving decisions, millennial and Gen X couples give more.

4. Causes matter to millennials.

Despite the common stereotype of millennials not caring about anything other than selfies and avocado toast, young adults have shown major interest in supporting causes around the world, particularly when the cause involves the quality of life. Research shows millennials are most likely to give when they feel inspired or when they can make a direct impact. Because of this, young people are driven to engage locally more than nationally. According to The Millennial Impact Report, 35 percent of millennials say the've given more, or more often, since the 2016 election.

Most of GoFundMe's top 10 campaigns of 2017 happened right here in the USA. The Las Vegas Victims Fund, which was created to support those affected by the horrific mass shooting earlier this year, is the highest funded campaign of the year. See below to find out if your state was one of the most generous in 2017. 

Top 10 Most Generous States of 2017

(Data from January 1 through November 30, 2017)

1. California 

2,392,873 donors, 138,443 campaigns started

2  Texas

1,487,281 donors, 109, 906 campaigns started

3. Florida 

 1,109,405 donor, 84,403 campaigns started

4. New York

1,014,2014 donors, 53,194 campaigns started

5. Illinois

595,930 donors, 37,867 campaigns started

6. Philadelphia

553,328 donors, 38,216 campaigns started

7. Georgia

495,906 donors, 41,488 campaigns started

8. New Jersey

472,790 donors, 24,053 campaigns started

9. Ohio

454,867 donors, 38,060 campaigns started

10. North Carolina

427,437 donors, 37,677 campaigns started

See the full 2017 Giving Report here.

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