18 Reasons Why Dads Are Awesome

Every dad is the world's greatest dad.

1. For dad jokes, obviously.


2. For inventing fun parenting hacks to ease their own life.

3. For putting up with our hobbies, even if it means glitzy nails.

4. For giving the best piggyback rides.

5. For their texts.

6. And Facebook posts.

7. For being our Santa Clauses.

8. And Spidermans. Or Batmans. Basically, any superhero we admired.

9. For being our first and best dance partner.

10. For all the times they let us win.

11. For taking pony tails to the next level.

12. For being the best shopping buddies.

13. For all the times we had pizza for dinner.

14. For setting a high bar for our future boyfriends.

15. For making outdoors fun.

16. For teaching us what good music is.

17. For being protective.

18. For always being one step ahead of us.

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(Cover image: Reddit)

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