This Stepmother Just Reached Out To 21 Million People To Get Her Stepson A Job. The Outcome Was Fascinating.

Talk about networking...

It didn't take very long for 26-year-old Ben Small (of #givebenajob fame) to land a paying gig, and it's all thanks to the incredible reach of the Internet.

Ben, who has Down Syndrome, had lots of work experience. But sadly, it was all unpaid.  

In fact, it's pretty common for employers to "hire" hardworking people with Down syndrome to work for no pay. But Ben's stepmother, Fiona Hodge, knew that her stepson was entitled to more. So she posted a tweet in the hopes of setting Ben up with a real job. 


This was the picture she posted to promote her cause.

She has less than 400 followers but…

Her post went completely viral.

But that might not even be the most uplifting part of all of this.

Even though we're living in an era swarming with cyber-bullying and online cruelty, Hodge said that the response to her tweets was completely kind. "It's been so positive and uplifting," she told The Liverpool Echo. "There hasn't been a single unpleasant or negative tweet."

Sure enough, Ben was invited in for plenty of interviews and was even offered several jobs. He has accepted a job at a place called Wilsons Kitchen in Liverpool, and is eager for his first day at his new —paying —job.


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