Gisele Bündchen Becomes First Model To Go Makeup-Free On 'Vogue Italia' Cover

The fashion industry is undergoing a makeover.

Model Gisele Bündchen graces the pages of Vogue Italia's February issue wearing sweats and Looney Tunes slippers. She's been on the cover of over 1,200 magazines worldwide, but what makes this one special is that she's completely makeup-free. The 37-year-old made history as the first model to be on the cover of the high fashion magazine without any makeup or a stylist deciding on the look. 


"The garments (including the Gucci looks wore on the two covers) were selected and styled by Gisele herself," Vogue Italia wrote on their website

The model opened up her family home in Boston one lazy Sunday to photographer Jamie Hawkesworth and videographer Kevin Tekinel. She shared old photos, memories and a glimpse at her life with husband Tom Brady, who's headed to the Super Bowl this weekend, and their children. Hawkesworth used only natural light in his photos during the shoot which he caught on film "in order to preserve the intimacy and spontaneity of the shoot," according to the magazine. 

"Sunday early morning with no hair, no makeup at home for @vogueitalia," Bündchen captioned her Instagram photos of the 6 a.m. shoot.

Bündchen is a supermodel who is conventionally beautiful and has had access to luxurious beauty products and treatments for decades. Up until she lost out to Kendall Jenner, Bündchen had a 15 year reign as the highest-earning model in the world. 

So no, it's not exactly radical that she's makeup-free on a magazine cover, but it is one step in the right direction. Not long ago, a makeup-free model on the cover of a high-fashion magazine wouldn't have been a consideration — even for the Giesles of the world.


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