Why It's Important To Travel The World Alone

Satisfy your wanderlust.

More often than not, we plan our vacations with a group of people — whether it be family, friends, co-workers, or even strangers. 

With that comes working around other people's schedules, satisfying everyone's wants and needs, and a whole bunch of messy hotel and transportation plans.

To ease the stresses of traveling and get the most out of your time (let's face it, everyone needs a vacation), consider — yes — traveling alone.

But preparing for a trip alone can be overwhelming. So Work The World, an organization that offers health care internships overseas, released an important infographic featuring everything a girl needs to know about traveling solo.


Why do it? According to a HostelBookers survey, there are three reasons for traveling solo.

1. Freedom

You can't get more simple than that. Traveling alone creates a sense of freedom to make our own choices, to see what we want to see, and to go where we want to go.

2. A sense of adventure

You can't get a more exhilarating feeling than that.

3. Self-discovery

Figure out who you are by living through new experiences.

But what do we wear?

In various countries throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more, there are certain tourist spots and cities call for particular clothing.

For instance, the infographic explains that in Thailand, while visiting temples, women should keep their shoulders and knees covered. Likewise in Jordan, women should cover their hair when entering a mosque.

And how do we meet people?

For all the chatty Cathys out there or for girls just looking for someone to dine and wine with, social hostels, walking tours, cooking classes, and cafes are all great places to strike up a conversation with a local.

Of course, safety is key. Refer to the infographic below for safety tips and more travel tricks and then, by all means, get going.


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