Grown Men Ask Little Girls For Texting Advice And It's What They've Needed To Hear All Along

"You could text her again and you could say words to her."

In an adorable video for Cosmopolitan, three little girls, Judith, Lulu, and Nina, give texting advice to men who just need a little help with their texting games.

Sitting on a therapeutic pink couch, the men admit that they're unsure how to proceed with particular text messages to their crushes. 

"I met a girl, and I texted her, but it always takes her like two days to text back. How do I tell her that that is a problem?" Ramy asks.

Without hesitation, Nina responds:


"Just say 'problem!'"

Plain and simple.

Next, Cory asks Lulu and Nina, 5, and Judith, 6, about going beyond texting, asking if it "would it be too much to FaceTime" his crush. Immediately, he gets a no holds barred response:


That's what he thought.

Then together, the girls come up with the perfect strategy for starting up a conversation with a girl...

"If it takes like two days to text her, you could text her again and you could say words to her," says Lulu.

For example, "I like your hair," says Nina. Or "you're really pretty" could work too.

With this advice, how could you go wrong?

"By watching little kids give basic advice, viewers are presumably supposed to learn that everyone is overthinking text messages and that people should just say what they feel whenever they want," writes in reflection. "Kids just tell it like it is, and maybe more men and women who are dating should embrace their inner child."

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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