The Way These Condoms Work Will Almost Certainly Blow Your Mind

Interesting concept ...

Image this: You're with your sexual partner of choice, and things are getting hot and heavy. Instead of reaching for the condoms, you reach for a spray bottle. You then spray the condom on. 

No, that isn't a scene from a weird alien movie, but a scenario that could very well be the future of contraception, at least in the eyes design student Michele Chu.

Chu, who attends Pratt's Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, N.Y., designed a "spray-on condom" concept that would make putting them on almost fool-proof. She calls the idea Girlplay.

"These spray-on condoms are made for the perfect fit, and function like spray-on bandages in the marketplace today," she wrote. The hope being that the versatile, well-fitting products make sex safer and more fun for both men and women.


She says they're perfect for today's "fast-paced" environment.

But will they actually work?

The idea was posted on design site Packing of the World, which features images of potential packing and the spray. Chu claims that the spray-on condoms would increase the life of the product as well as convenience. 

While there's no better market for keeping people safe, the idea could face some challenges if turned into an actual retail product. 

The "spray-on" condom idea first came into fruition back in 2006 thanks to Ian Vinzenz Krouse. He first invented the sunscreen-esque anti-conception repellent, but the idea flopped due to people's understandable apprehension (read: faith) in such a product.

On the flip side, another group of students from the UK thought up a condom that changes colors when in contact with an STD, but science experts have speculated that condom concept may not work out either.

Those bananas sure look on cute on packaging, and it's a great idea to give women more autonomy during sexual intercourse, but perhaps there's a better, less sticky (pun intended) way.


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