Girlfriend And Boyfriend Do Each Other's Makeup. The Results Are Circus-Worthy.

We're not sure if it's a makeover or a make-under?

Couples do all sorts of foolish things together: they go on weeklong staycations at one of their places, embark on spontaneous trips to unexplored world wonders, experiment with their looks by giving each other a makeover ... wait!

Experiment with their looks, you said?

That's exactly what Australian vlogger couple Brittney Saunders and Jacko Brazier did in their recent YouTube video collaboration.


Taken with the boyfriend-does, girlfriend-does idea, Brittney and Jacko decided to give it a try and do each other's makeup.

Here they are, still au naturel.

But not for long. In their two-video series, Jacko starts off first by making an attempt to beautify his girlfriend.

He grabs the sponge and starts tapping Brittney's face. Not exactly smooth, but he's on the right path.

But as soon as Jacko lays his hands on the eye shadows, lipstick and eyeliner, things take a different turn.

Uhm ... Is this supposed to be evening makeup?

Looks like Brittney's not exactly sure, either.

But now it's her turn and she's not letting her boyfriend get off easy. Jacko's in for some clown contouring for sure.

A little concealer, some bronzer and a cat eye — just what every guy needs!

Watch Jacko giving Brittney a makeover in the video below:

And here's the full version of Brittney's revenge. Which one did a better job?


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