An 11-Year-Old Used Her Allowance To Brighten Her Local Police Officers' Morning With An Unexpected Treat

"The greatest gift we can ever receive is the trust and support of our citizens..."

While breakfast may or may not be the most important meal of the day, for a few officers from the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, it's certainly the most generous. 

"Recently, several members of our South Precinct, Sergeant Tsechu Chou, Corporal John Mason, Deputy Casey Smith and Deputy Sean Mulvaney were enjoying some down time and eating breakfast," Sheriff Wayne Ivey wrote in a Facebook post, published on May 5. "When they finished, the restaurant staff informed them that their breakfast had been paid for by another patron who wished to remain anonymous." 

After "some keen investigative work," the officers learned their "breakfast benefactor" was an 11-year-old girl who used her allowance to pay for the BCSO team's breakfast as "a show of support to her local law enforcement officers," according to Ivey. 

Once the culprit was identified, the officers returned the favor with a "thank you" letter, a $25 gift certificate, and a "coveted" BCSO SWAT Team Challenge Coin. 


"Stories and citizens like this make us so proud to serve our community!!" Ivey concluded in the post. "The greatest gift we can ever receive is the trust and support of our citizens, so on behalf of the 1500 proud men and women of the BCSO Team, we wish to thank this young lady... and tell her just how much her actions meant to us!!" 


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