This 12-Year-Old Wanted To Sing With Pink At A Concert. She Did And Blew Her Away.

It was absolutely "Perfect."

Pink fans were treated to a special performance over the weekend, except it wasn't from the iconic singer. That honor belonged to 12-year-old Victoria Anthony, who, after she started a viral social media campaign to sing with Pink during her Vancouver stop, got to do exactly that.


In a Twitter video we see and hear Victoria belting out an acapella version of Pink's hit song "Perfect" that is, well, perfect. During the song, the 38-year-old seems shocked by the preteen's voice, remaining speechless throughout though appearing to mouth "holy shit" at one point.

"I was just so focused on singing and making sure I didn't screw up the words. I was so scared," Victoria told CTV. "I just started singing and it was so awesome. It was the best thing ever."

After singing, Victoria is seen with tears in her eyes while the three-time Grammy winner joked that she didn't want to follow that performance, and that her voice "sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks" when she was 12. Pink used words like "brave" and "beautiful" to describe Victoria.

"Obviously, I love her music," Victoria added, explaining why Pink is such an inspiration to her. "But the way she writes her songs … she writes about her experiences and she doesn't really do things because people tell her to. She does things because they're the right thing to do."

In the social media video that got her noticed — shared by local news and the likes of fellow Canadian Sarah McLachlan — Victoria sings "What About Us" while text across the screen explains why she loves Pink. So, when Pink sang "What About Us" at the concert, Victoria — with a pitch pipe packed just in case — thought the opportunity had passed. It hadn't.

"I was just so proud," Victoria's mom, Christina Anthony, said when she asked about her talented kid. "The only way you're going to achieve anything is to dream big and go for it."


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