Officers Have To Direct Traffic To This Little Girl's Lemonade Stand. Here's Why.

Incredible generosity.

"Thank you for your support. Everything counts, and helps us get home," 10-year-old Alyssa De Le Sala tells ABC Action News.

Alyssa, standing beneath her lemonade stand with a sign that reads "Help us get home," wanted to raise money for her parents who lost their home in a devastating fire. 

According to ABC, the family hired a builder who never finished the project, so Alyssa took it upon herself to reach out to the community for help.


In a heartfelt letter to a local radio station called The Kane Show, Alyssa explained her family's circumstances, and asked the station to help advertise the lemonade stands.

The letter posted on the family's gofundme page, reads in part:

"I am having a lemonade and treat stand to raise money for my house. It burnt down two years ago and the contractors my mommy and daddy hired to rebuilt it took most of our money... They ran off and now my mommy and daddy are stuck trying to come up with enough money to finish it... I was wondering if you would help me by advertising for my lemonade stand on your show. It's called 'Help Us Get Home' and our motto is 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade...'"

And then the unexpected happened.

The KANE Show shared Alyssa's story and posted to its Facebook page, and people took notice. 

In fact, so many people showed up to support the family that police officers had to direct traffic.

Visitors brought generous donations, supplies, and plenty of positivity, all in exchange for some lemonade.

Among the visitors were the first responders who arrived at the fire two years ago. 

"We knew we had a good community, but when you just see everyone here, it's really overwhelming," Alyssa's mother, Jenn De Le Sala, told ABC.

Between lemonade sales and gofundme donations, ABC reports Alyssa has made nearly $15,000 so far.

Watch the full video below:

(H/T: Reddit)

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