After Hearing Her Grandma Couldn't Make Her Birthday, This 10-Year-Old Moved The Party To The Nursing Home

"That's what makes the bond between my mother and daughter so special."

Ellie had her birthday party all planned ahead of time. However, when she found out that her grandma, Rita, wouldn't be able to attend because she was in a nursing home, recovering from spinal surgery complications, the 10-year-old made a last minute venue switch.


Ellie moved her birthday to the nursing home so she could celebrate with her grandma.

Courtesy of Kimber

"Ellie was so upset over Granny not being able to attend, I felt I had to do something," Ellie's mom, Kimber, told A Plus. "No parent likes to see their child's heart break." 

To solve the issue and make her daughter feel better, Kimber called the nursing home to inquire about whether they had an area they could have the party. 

"The lady was wonderful and told me that wouldn't be a problem at all," she said. "The smile on Ellie's face when I gave her the news was just unforgettable. She is such a considerate child and I think she could see the sadness in Granny's eyes every time she talked about the party."

To celebrate turning the big 1-0, Ellie threw an "Alice In Wonderland"-themed "unbirthday" at the nursing home. To make it even more special, Ellie, her friends, and family managed to keep the entire thing a secret from Grandma Rita.

"It was awesome to bring some entertainment into their day.  All the nurses smiled and asked what was going on and if they could they join us," said Kimber. "We shared lots of pastries and snacks with the staff (and to be passed on to patients who could have them)."

Of course, the big moment came when they invited their unsuspecting Grandma Rita down. After everything was set up, they went to Rita's room to see if she wanted to have a tea party together, and then brought her in for the big surprise. 

Kimber told the Huffington Post about Grandma Rita's reaction, "I think she was in shock, her expression was priceless. She was so choked up and had tears streaming down her face."

When asked by A Plus, what she hopes people will take away from Ellie and her grandma's story, Kimber said, "I hope people read her story and see that there is so much hope in our youth. Kids today have such a bad reputation for being self-centered, lazy, and technology driven,"  she added, "I know that given the opportunity and guidance, they can be so much more. Kids lead by example and just need a little inspiration and people that are willing to take the time to sculpt them. I think that's what makes the bond between my mother and daughter so special."


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