This Girl Drops Some Serious Wisdom After Her Wisdom Teeth Extraction

'I am the toothless wonder.'

This might be the proof that wisdom teeth aren't called "wisdom" for nothing. (It's definitely not, but bear with us.)

When Boston native Lucy Deller arrived at the dentist's office to get her wisdom teeth removed, she had no idea she'd be leaving a much more profound person than she ever was before. In a hilarious video recorded on her way back home, Deller shares some in-depth knowledge about life, loss and friends. So listen up, because this girl really has something to say:

"Friends, lovers, Romans and countrymen ...

I gathered you here today to speak on my behalf. It's about me. And it's about my teeth. And it's about losing something close to you.

If you lose something close to you, you have to go through the five stages of grief: denial, then there's some bargaining and then anger. And, like, acceptance and all that business. You gotta know so that when it happens, it happens."

Pearls of wisdom.


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