She Got A Brand New Chocolate Pup, But Wait 'Til You See What Was Attached To The Collar

What could be better than a puppy? Oh, that!

When you get a brand new puppy, there really isn't much that could make the moment any better.


Except for when your significant other is an evil genius and attaches a special surprise to the puppy's collar.

She elaborated or, rather, sobbed happily in the YouTube description: "Crying because I got my puppy, little did I know my boyfriend had put a ring on her collar and got down on one knee!"

Luckily, her family was on hand to capture the magic moment, which you can watch below.

Oh, and one last side bit.

Dear Shelby's fiancee,

Thanks for raising the bar and making it impossible to come up with a better proposal than this, ever.


Every guy in the world.


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