Little Girl's Hilarious Tooth Fairy Letter Demands Proof Of Her Existence

“What’s an iPad?!”

As children get older, it's not unusual for them to start doubting the existence of mythical creature. But, when Kristen Hewitt's 6-year-old daughter Emy lost a tooth, she never expected that her 9-year-old daughter Lila would leave the tooth fairy a note requesting proof of her existence.

"I know everyone thinks their kid is brilliant, but ours really is. As I tiptoed into our 6-year-old's room to play the tooth fairy tonight - I found this," Hewitt wrote on Facebook. "A note from her older sister. Yep. She hijacked our little one's tooth fairy visit and is asking for proof. A selfie." 

According to the note, which was written in both cursive and print in case the fairy can't read cursive," Lila wanted the tooth fairy to use her iPad to take a selfie as proof that she truly exists. She generously left her pass code for easy access, of course.


When confronted with this surprising turn of events, Hewitt panicked as she tried to figure out an effective way to address the situation without ruining the illusion.

"My husband and I talked about me putting on a wig, wings, and adding a bright light behind me to actually take a selfie. And we also looked at tooth fairy apps, but that just made the lie even worse in my opinion," she explained. "So I went with the old line, 'What's an iPad?!' Because a note from Tabitha the Tooth Fairy totally isn't lying."

By feigning ignorance, Hewitt found a way to postpone the inevitable and preserve childhood's magic a little while longer.

"This is the magical part of childhood I love SO much. The unexpected ways their minds work, their curiosity, their trust, and their pure innocence," Hewitt said. "I also feel immense guilt about lying to her about these mythical creatures, but at this rate she'll figure it out soon."

Although Hewitt was certainly shocked to find this letter awaiting the tooth fairy's arrival, her daughter was bound to question these mythical tales eventually. Luckily for us, she did so in the most hilariously modern way possible.

Cover image via Anutr Yossundara / Shutterstock



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