There Is Something So Mesmerizing About This Girl, And We Can't Put Our Finger On It

Enjoy life.

A video filmed by a festival-goer at Beyond the Valley fest in Australia was posted to Reddit today, and it immediately garnered thousands of views. The video shows a girl dancing like crazy, and we don't know why, but it's so, so mesmerizing. 

Maybe it's that the girl is pure joy personified. 

Maybe it's that she's just feeling the music, vibin' on good energy. 

Maybe she's the definition of "dance like there's nobody watching." 

Or maybe, she just has freaking awesome dance moves. 

Whatever it is, we can't stop watching and feeding off her bliss. In the video we hear observers cheer her on, and one even say "I'm mesmerized." 


Check it out:

If this doesn't make you want to get up, go to a festival, and dance like forever and ever, because music, then we don't know what. 

Enjoy life. 

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