Mother And Daughter Create Halloween Costumes That Are Out Of Our League

That E.T. costume is simply genius!

Every kid dreams of becoming something else for the Halloween. But for little Willow that's her everyday routine.

Every October, Willow and her photographer mom Gina Lee embark on a costume play spree. Gina has even dubbed October to be the "Dress Up Willow Month" to mark their flawless celebration of the upcoming holiday.


Willow as the troll doll

It all began back when Willow was only 3 weeks old. Her creative mom told A+ that she wanted her baby's costume to be cute and funny but also stand out from the crowd. And so it did.

"First year there was Hot Dog On A Stick, Roller Derby girl... This year I decided to take it back and put her in costumes that would crack a smile on people's faces," Gina told A+.

Willow dressed up as Frida Kahlo in one of her mom's favorites.

Growing up, Gina loved to celebrate Halloween herself. She and her brothers would make all sorts of nifty crafts to replace to bored plastic masks they had back then.

"My brother made this cool robot costume out of a box and tinfoil, added his own gadgets. It was so cool! I loved Wonder Woman so my mom did a costume of her. I considered it to be the best costume ever," Gina told A+.

Since Willow is only a bit more than two-years-old, she thinks the costumes are just fun clothes for the day.

Willow as Elliot from E.T.

Willow as In-N-Out employee

Gina is collecting every single memory of little Willow and plans to put it all into a scrapbook for her to see one day.

Willow as The Price Is Right contestant

Willow as the Morton Salt Girl

Willow as See's Candies representative

Willow's mom started the costume play pretty early. At 3 months-old, she already donned a Hot Dog On A Stick uniform.

One time she and her friend turned into Princess Kate and Prince William.

And the other time they were bad. Well, cute bad.

You can follow Gina's and Willow's adventures on their blog and Instagram. (H/T: BuzzFeed)

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