'Gilmore Girls' Fan Gets Surprise Proposal In The Iconic Stars Hollow Gazebo

He planned the proposal for months.

Molly Larimer is a big Gilmore Girls fan. She told A Plus that she has rewatched the series five times, and even has a Life and Death Brigade tattoo on her arm, which references the secret society Rory Gilmore — played by actress Alexis Bledel — encounters at Yale.

Her boyfriend, Sebastian, knew early on in their relationship that she loved the TV show because she would frequently put on episodes when he came over. When they moved in together, Molly rewatched Gilmore Girls and her partner found himself enjoying it too. "He ended up getting really into it as well," Molly told A Plus. "He is actually very opinionated about the whole team Jess, Logan, or Dean debate." 

In 2016, Sebastian went with Molly to "stand in line for hours" to visit a "Luke's Diner" pop-up to promote Netflix's revival of the series. 


Molly Larimer Twitter  

In 2018, the  pair participated in a Warner Bros. Studio tour so they could see the show's iconic Stars Hollow gazebo. 

Larimer explained to Mashable that during the tour, the group got out to view the famed Stars Hollow gazebo. The tour guide asked if there were any big Gilmore Girls fans to do an "improv scene." Larimer and Sebastian raised their hands and climbed up the gazebo steps.

When they got to the top, Sebastian got down on one knee and proposed.

Molly took to Twitter to announce the news.

In addition to planning a dream themed proposal, Sebastian succeeded in keeping the entire thing a secret. "I didn't suspect anything at all," revealed Larimer. "He did such a great job of surprising me — his mannerisms didn't change or anything. He was very calm and acted totally normal." 

"He had planned the proposal for months with my cousin, my older sister, and the WB tour staff to pull it off."

Larimer revealed that as the proposal date drew nearer, her now-fiancé had been showing the ring to their close friends and none of them slipped any details, either.

After Larimer shared the engagement online, they have gone viral with fellow Gilmore Girls fans deeming it a perfect proposal that would get Rory and Lorelai's seals of approval.

Excluding the engagement, Larimer explained that she hasn't had any Gilmore Girls celebrations, but if they bring the show back she says she will "definitely throw a celebratory party."


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