Could Gillian Anderson Be The Next Bond? Twitter Sure Is Ready For That.

James Bond? More like Jane Bond.

The coveted James Bond role has made many an actor's career: Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, and Daniel Craig are names we're familiar with because of their portrayal of the famous 007. So when reports came out that Craig had turned down nearly $100 million to make two more films with the franchise, naturally, the burning question on Bond fans' minds was who was going to be the next James Bond.

The speculation as to who will play 007 next will likely not end until producers announce their pick, but an interesting option for Bond was floated last week on Twitter. Actress Gillian Anderson — known for playing the ass-kicking Scully from The X-Files — dropped a heavy hint that she would be interested in being the next Bond in a tweet of a mock poster of herself in the role. 


Once Anderson fired off that tweet, the internet responded with unbridled enthusiasm.

Among the actors most favored to take up the role are Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, and Damian Lewis. But the possibility that the next Bond will be a Jane and not James could well come true. 

While there's no doubt that Anderson will make an excellent Bond, actress Priyanka Chopra of Quantico fame has also voiced her interest in playing 007. When asked about her opinion on people saying she would make a great Bond girl, Chopra said, "I get that all the time. But fuck that — I wanna be Bond."


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