19 GIFs That Perfectly Describe What Happens When You Start Falling For Someone

"You don't know me, but we're gonna be married."

Sometimes, words aren't enough to capture all those giddy butterflies in your stomach when you're crushing on someone. Luckily, your feelings can be expressed in GIF form. Because everything can be expressed in GIF form. 

Check out these 19 moving pics that show all the feels you get when you're falling for someone. 


1. When you spy someone cute...

2. ...so you muster up the courage to talk to them.

3. And they actually laugh at one of your jokes...

4. ...so you exchange numbers.

5. And they text you first.

6. AND respond in less than three hours.

7. When you (finally!) go on a date...

8. ...and are having a great time, but can't help wondering if they are too.

9. So you go in for the kiss...

10. ...and they kiss you back.

11. When you spend the next 24 hours doing nothing but listening to T Swift and thinking about them...

12. ...until they take just a bit too long to respond to a text.

13. ...and you're about to give up.

14. But then they finally do respond AND ask you out on a second date.

15. And the second date's even better than the first.

16. You start to think they might be S.O. material...

17. ...but you need a reality check, so you don't get ahead of yourself.

18. When you can't believe this is actually happening...

19. ...when, maybe, just maybe, it is.

When you start falling for someone, you can't help but experience a whirlwind of emotions. It's both exhilarating and terrifying. Still, just the possibility of connecting with another person makes it all worth it. 


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