This Giant Alligator Is A Reminder As To Why We Would Never Get Along With Dinosaurs

'Cuz they would eat us. That's why.

Over the weekend, Charlie Helms filmed an enormously terrifying alligator at the Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Palmetto, Fl.


They couldn't get an exact measurement of the gator, particularly because they probably could have been seriously hurt or killed, but Helms and his friend estimated this one to be about 15 feet long.

They probably aren't too far off, if we use this recently caught alligator as a basis. It was 15 feet long, weighed 800 pounds and was preying on cattle.

The 800 lb 'Monster cattle-eating alligator' shot in Florida this week.

While that one was caught, that was not the case for this seemingly easygoing gator that was taking a stroll in the Florida heat.

It is so gigantic, it seriously looks like something that could have been around during the time of the dinosaurs. 

Luckily, this isn't the 10 ton, 40 foot Sarcosuchus that existed about 112 million years ago. 

However, this guy is nothing to scoff at. As Helms' friend appears in the film with the alligator, you can truly see how massive this reptile is.

Alligator attacks are rare, but these guys are definitely brave to be getting that close.

Only 23 alligator attacks on humans have been recorded since 1973, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, but according to an Ipsos poll and The Daily Beast, 52% of Americans are terrified of these creatures.

After seeing this one, we can definitely say we are 100% scared of alligators, even if they are more on par with their average size of 11 feet.

Either way, if you ever see a gator this big, definitely do not stand by. Go in the other direction, calmly, and call the appropriate authorities. You can watch from afar in the video below.


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