7 Reasons Why You Need To Get Out Of The Office For Lunch

The best part of the workday.

Lunch is the time of the day that we all look forward to. But often workers might stay in their offices to have a very boring lunch. Everyone should make the most out of their break by going out of the office for lunch.

Here are seven reasons why getting out of the office for lunch can be the best work decision you'll ever make.


1. Improved creativity.

If your creative juices aren't flowing, you might want to step out of the office and go to a hip restaurant. Going to a new location is definitely the best way to get rid of a creative block and get inspired. So if you are suffering from a creative dry spell at work, going out for lunch might totally be the answer.

2. It’s good for business.

Since leaving the office stimulates the creativity you need for work (and you so need creativity), this boosts your productivity. This is always cool for your business. And you can write that lunch off your taxes as a business expense, which makes your bottom line way better.

3. FOLO (Fear of Lunching Out).

You may have a Fear of Lunching Out (FOLO), caused by your fear of missing something while you are away from your desk. The concerns might leap into your head about missing out on an important call, completing your work, or how much time you have to take a break. But to remain productive and creative, you can't afford to leave the lunch hour behind. Get out of your normal routine of eating lunch at your work desk. Treat yourself by stepping out of the office and into the outside world for a lunch break that you deserve. Once you recharge, you can go back to being productive on the job with fresh eyes.

4. It's the best way to hang out with your co-workers.

Working eight hours every day with your co-workers can be tedious and so impersonal. That's why it's awesome when you can spend some casual time with your co-workers so that you can get to know them better. And the best time of day to do that is at lunch, because you all can take your lunch break together outside of the office and have a super-fun time!

5. It’s basically exercise and good for your health.

Sitting at your desk all day during work is bad enough for your health, but to spend your lunch break at your desk seems totally lame. If you get out of the office and walk to a local restaurant, your daily health will improve and you'll be thankful that you did this.

6. It’s the best networking opportunity.

If you're too tired after work to meet other business professionals at local networking events, then your best bet is to go out for a great lunch. There will be other business professionals at the restaurant who are doing the same thing. By going out for lunch, you can enjoy good food and hand out a few business cards.

7. Heavenly food makes for a fun lunch.

Bringing a brown paper bag lunch to work every single day is way too boring. Add some excitement in your life by enjoying hot and fresh food during lunch at a local restaurant such as TGI Fridays. Between the delicious burgers or new fast, fresh pairings, it will be the greatest lunch break you'll ever have.


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