When Their Words Sink In, You'll Re-Think It All

Wisdom in youth.

Sometimes, voices of reason come from the most unsuspecting places.

In the video above, three young women perform their spoken word poem "Somewhere In America" on the Queen Latifah show. 

The girls, Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya Allen, are members of the Get Lit organization, a non-profit in Los Angeles that is trying improve the rates of literacy among teens through poetry. Before performing on Queen Latifah's show, the trio had opened for John Legend. 

Here is an excerpt from their performance:

And somewhere in America, there is a child sitting at his mother's computer / Reading the home page of the KKK website /  And that's open to the public /But that child will have never read To Kill A Mocking Bird /Because its school has banned it for its use of the N-word

Spoken word is a rhythmic form of poetry that has gained serious notoriety over the last few years. These girls are a great example as to why. 


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