This German Couple Loves Christmas So Much They Have Over 100 Trees Inside Their House

Their joy has really branched out.


If you celebrate Christmas, you may be scrambling to finish preparing for the holiday. After all, you have less than two weeks to buy all your gifts, get your Christmas cards mailed, and decorate your tree.

But one couple in Germany gets an early start on the latter task — expanding it from a single tree to more than 100!

Thomas and Susanne Jeromin have taken what started out as a "small hobby" of decorating a single tree in their living room five years ago, to a full-blown tradition that starts in October and lasts for eight weeks. Within their home is 350 square feet of trees, each complete with their own unique decorative themes, lights, and colors.

"I always loved Christmas, all the glitter and baubles, trees, ornaments," Thomas tells Reuters. "And, of course, we started off with a normal Christmas tree in the living room as you'd expect. And then we thought we could put one in the hallway, one in the kitchen, and over the last five years it's exploded."

The display, which obviously involves the Jeromins' entire abode, brings a smile to those who get a chance to see it. 


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