Mom Shares Heart-Wrenching 'Lockdown' Poem In Her Child's Kindergarten Classroom

"We need to keep being jarred, upset and shook."

Mom Shares Heart-Wrenching 'Lockdown' Poem In Her Child's Kindergarten Classroom

Mom Georgy Cohen recently visited her 5-year-old daughter's soon-to-be classroom at Arthur D. Healey School in Somerville, Mass. During her visit, she saw something rather disturbing posted in Ms. Kim's classroom taped to the blackboard next to an alphabet chart. It was a jarring poster of a lockdown nursery rhyme.


The poem read:

 "Lockdown, Lockdown
Lock the door
Shut the lights off
Say no more.

Go behind the desk 
and hide
Wait until it's safe inside.

Lockdown, Lockdown
it's all done
Now it's time to have
some fun!"

After seeing the heart-wrenching nursery rhyme about active school shooters, she shared a photo of the poem on Twitter on June 6.

The Massachusetts mom revealed that the kids are also doing drills in pre-K and have "games" about staying quiet for a minute.

The tweet quickly sparked a dialogue about gun reform with parents sharing the scenarios that their young children have had to deal with compared to other generations and those who live in other countries.

In a follow-up tweet, Cohen encouraged people to speak to their congressional representatives about gun reform.

Cohen's husband, Rick Healey, (who does not have a family connection to the school's name) told CNN he understands the necessity of the lockdown poem at Arthur D. Healey School, but says "it upsets me and disgusts me that it is necessary."

"This shouldn't be something that we get used to," Cohen said to CNN. "We need to keep being jarred, upset and shook."

It's a disturbing reality that since 2009, the United States has had 57 times as many school shootings as other major industrialized nations, combined.

In light of this, many schools are also taking measures to ensure the safety of students. For example, Pennsylvania students were given bulletproof backpacks and drills and safety procedures are being practiced all over.

While the schools try to make changes to keep students safe, many are still fighting for gun reform. March For Our Lives was one of the biggest events to campaign for gun reform, but there have been countless other acts from three dancers calling for change, to an animator using cats to bring attention to the issue, to the news that Bank of America will not finance companies who make machine gun-style guns for civilians. We need to continue the dialogue, demand representatives make changes, and not give in to a reality where school shootings is a norm. Because thoughts and prayers alone just isn't enough. 

(H/T: Mashable)


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