Great-Grandma Celebrates 100th Birthday By Parachuting Out Of A Plane

That's one lady who knows how to party.

Her name is Georgina Harwood and she has something to celebrate that we all aspire to — she's been alive for 100 years.

And the way she chose to celebrate her centennial? Let's just say it didn't involve cake and tea. 


With family and friends to cheer her on, the great-grandmother gave herself the gift of flight. 

She fearlessly harnessed into her parachute and got ready to leave the Earth beneath her. 

Sporting a bright red jumpsuit, the centenarian gleefully jumped out of the plane to fly through the skies of Cape Breton, South Africa. 

If her reaction upon landing is any indicator of how much she enjoyed the jump, we'd guess it was one of her best days yet.  

But it's not the first time she's the taken part in the extreme sport. Her first jump was at the age of 92. 

After her parachute jump, Harwood didn't waste any time suiting up again. A few days later, she went for dive in a shark cage.

Sounds like someone's a repeat thrill-seeker. 

She sure reminds us to live life to the fullest.


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